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Asset 146
Keith Miles, age 10, wearing flight suit belonging to his Army Air Corp pilot brother. October 1943
Eric Miles
Passage du Goa - juillet 1939
Benoit Samain
1 ste Luitenant - waarnemer Wilhelmus Faber 31 juli 1907 - 10 mei 1940
Henk Kronenberg
John, Reginald and Phyllis Heaton. 1950s
Carolyn Heaton
Beim Rodeln im Winter 1955/56 am Lutherplatz in Rathenow
Klaus-Detlef Wischer
Laila Mjell
God Jul 1953. Pappa Håkan, Mamma Marita,lillebror Krister och jag, Henrik Slöör
henrik slöör
Baptism 1943 - Gary Blackburn in uniform, and Louis Blackburn holding son Larry.
Dan Kasper
Gareld Blackburn at Florence’s confirmation and graduation 1937
Dan Kasper
1945 Lexington, Massachusetts
Becky Bock
Class of 1938 in their junior class photo. Lester is second from left in the middle row.
Adelaide Leroy
Dad, me, Kenny, and a neighbor friend in our backyard. 1951
Margo Lande
Old Adaminaby before the flood 1955
B Ellero
William and Ruth Holland Lott August 1946 Officers club Frauce Field Panama
Patrick Lott
Mariadahl Children’s Home, Cleburne, Kansas. Reverend Otto Olson Oleen accepted a call to the home and to Mariadahl Lutheran Church in 1931. The family moved there in 1932. Reverend Otto Olson Oleen and his family stayed there 14 years(until 1946).
Katie Norton
Olga is born 29 th August 1945
olga loeber
בשנת 50 עם ציפורה ז''ל
רונן שרית
Fanfare Sint Cecilia Wolvertem 1946
André Van Aken
My Mom, 1952, while pregnant with me 😊
Donna Hauser Haughey
Maggie the year she was born, 1945
Beth Paul
Landing craft LcpI 352 being prepared for scrapping, Bombay harbour 1946
Kevin Hatchman
Family Christmas 1950
Deband Col Rogers
Hilda Coetzee
Autumn 1943
Hilda Coetzee
Hannes on visit from Hamburg by us in Leiden....1949.....I am 10 years old....
Hilda Coetzee
Les Rousses, Jura, début en ski, févr 1939
Benoit Samain
July 5, 1946, Tony and Bea’s honeymoon
Esther Livaccari
Avio-Diepen groepsfoto ca 1952
Henk Kronenberg
esta foto fue tomada en el año 1949, en el santuario de las Lajas Nariño Colombia
johnny santamaria
Taken in Auckland with my beloved Grandmother and Dad. 1952
Ann Jones
Ray and Sid Price clowning around with Ray’s Ford. Circa 1946
Andrea Brownlow
febr. 1951.Lou Franssen met minister Spitzen- Verkeer- tijdens de Rai motorrijwiel tentoonstelling
Photomyne User
Dick Kasper at Washington Park, spring 1947
Dan Kasper
December 1945, JoAnn in 1st row 3 right of center drum
Dan Kasper
Dick with deer he shot Nov 1955
Dan Kasper
Seasons Greetings 1945
Mark Petty
James Family Huntington,WV early 1950s
Amanda Parsons
Naomi Norborg Oleen Christianson around 1940.
Katie Norton
Mi abuela panameña de origen español u cubana. 1940
Julio Villarreal
Mom- California- 1954
Debra Donovan
Karin och Lena Nordström 1953
Karin Nordström
Home on leave: Uncle Frank, with Stella, Grandpop with Anna and Aunt Catherine, Dad & Mom 1944
Ruth Marakovits
Dickie In front, Mary, Emma, Mom, Terry, and Rose July 10, 1945
Ruth Marakovits
My late mother Janet (1932-2007) taking it easy in the hills of her native Scotland. 1950.
Deband Col Rogers
My dad John Rogers with his grandparents, Brighton, UK. 1938
Deband Col Rogers
Braunschweig, 1944, Germany
Hilda Coetzee
Peter and Hiltrud spring 1944
Hilda Coetzee
Braunschweig house, summer 1944
Hilda Coetzee
Hilda Coetzee
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