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Asset 146
January 2, 1970
Esther Livaccari
Sjef Arkesteyn 19610320_
Henk Kronenberg
Beim Rodeln im Winter 1955/56 am Lutherplatz in Rathenow
Klaus-Detlef Wischer
Spending time with family in Tn 1958 or 1959
Bev Albert
Ramón Barra Muñoz
Leonard Hamerlinck 1959
Timothy Sullivan
Robyn and Joanne 1960
Robyn Cork
50th Golden wedding anniversary of Andrew and Mary Bayer Feb 12 1956
Dan Kasper
[1] Tina 7 mdr 1964 (Alice skrevet bagpå)
Bettina Balslev Sørensen
1969 Führerschein Passbild
Heinrich Oehlzand
In 1972, după Campionatul Mondial de Juniori de la Madrid
Draga Viorica
Easter 1972 Atlanta,Tx At Allie and Lawrence VanCleave’s home. (Grandma and Papaws home.)
Tracy Arlington
Grandad Lawrence in 1958
Emily Kirwan
2nd grade Francisco J Gascon 92/1972 ( 8 years old )
Elsa Gascon
May 1963
Bruce Pomazal
Old Adaminaby before the flood 1955
B Ellero
JFK ASSIGNATION -HendersonTeas 1963 Jay, Joy, Jimmy, Joe Murphy
Joe Robert Murphy
HCHS Prom 1966
Nell Lynn
Op verlof in Nederland jan 1956
Sophie Blom
April 1961, walker, MN. Susie, 10, Mark, 2 1/2 and Tami, born 4/15/61.
Susan Sloan
Klassebillede sjuende klasse Fagerenget skole 1959. Harald Sandvik. Torbjørn Schølberg. Johan Sandvik. Øystein Sundet. Oddbjørn Foss. og Jarle Nilsen. Svanhild Solberg. Brit Monstad. Anne Brit Sundet. Ellen Sundland. og Anne Mari Aursjø. Sylva Haugen. Kari Fjellheim. Lærer Arne L. Olden. Brit Olden. og Helene Fosseng.
Olav Johannes Stenstvedt
Christmas Day 1972
Jerold Wright
Essentho - legerdienst 1972 met Bob Van Belle
André Van Aken
Mater Dei High School 1973 Prom with Marcia Flesch
Chuck Feesago
Slumber party around 1967. I’m trying to be a Beatle 😂!
Cheryl Denny
Robert Ungvari
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