How to scan photo slides / negatives

Step #1

Set this device’s brightness to maximum and hold your phone until the app detects the backlight.

Step #2

Grab a slide or a film strip and hold it between this screen and your phone (but not too close to this screen).

Step #3

Capture the image by tapping the app’s camera button or use voice control (if enabled).

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Getting ready to scan?

Scan easier and faster with these accessories.

See how it works

See how it works

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Email our support team.

Accessories for better scanning

Ultra-thin light pad

Easiest backlight for hands-free scanning.

Sturdy flexible phone mount

Scan faster and without shaky hands. Great for photos, or slides/negatives with any backlight.

HD macro lens

Get the absolute highest quality scanned negatives and slides.

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HD Slides & Negatives Scanning Bundle

Get the highest quality scans with the Macro Lens and Light Pad together.

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Large phone stand

Stabilize phone when scanning from standing backlight screen. Great for Voice Control scanning.

Delicate cotton gloves

Safely handle your scanned materials to keep fingerprints and smudges off your scanned materials.

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Heavy-duty storage boxes

The perfect post-scanning organizer. Keep all your scanned materials in one place.

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