Some of the holiday's best traditions are trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins, and overeating candy corn, but our favorite part is, hands down, dressing up. And while spooky costumes are classic and fun, we believe everything goes! Check out this cute and nostalgic gallery of costumes brought to you by our very own team members.

Afraid of Halloween's haunted houses? Spider-Man is here to the rescue!

Gil Paskhover, Software Developer Gil Paskhover, Software Developer

There's a new sheriff in town! No tricks can fool this fearless cowboy.

Noam Eshel, Video Lead Noam Eshel, Video Lead

A mouse is coming down the stairs! But wait, this one is much taller and cuter than the average mouse…

Noam Eshel, Video Lead Ofir Huber, Head of R&D

You're never too young to be a bride-to-be, are you?

Natalie Rodrig Verter, CPO and Co-Founder Natalie Rodrig Verter, CPO and Co-Founder

Trick-or-treating is nice, but Leonardo actually prefers trick-or-pizza. Cowabunga!

Nir Beeri, Marketing Manager Nir Beeri, Marketing Manager

Little Red Riding Hood displays her range of emotions throughout the tale – before and after meeting the wolf.

Nir Beeri, Marketing Manager Michal Nomis, Localization Manager & Content Writer

Once upon a time, there was a puss... Not just any puss, Puss in boots!

Tali Schwartz, Design Lead Tali Schwartz, Design Lead

You rarely get to witness such a big and colorful butterfly sitting on such a lovely lion's face.

Lara Lewkowicz, Customer Success Lead Lara Lewkowicz, Customer Success Lead

Hey there, Minnie Mouse! Why so dreamy?

Noa Gilon, Influencer Marketing Manager Noa Gilon, Influencer Marketing Manager

How do you feel about full-body costumes for Halloween? When it comes to Power Rangers, that's the only way to go!

Ishay Teboul, QA Tester Ishay Teboul, QA Tester

Get lost in Spain with this flamenco dancer if you feel adventurous this holiday.

Noa Afriat, Full Stack Developer Noa Afriat, Full Stack Developer

Have you ever seen a kung-fu fighter gardening? It's a Halloween miracle!

Zimi Li,  Marketing Manager Zimi Li, Marketing Manager

Sail away to magical places with the most adorable sailor on board!

Dina Konovalov, Product Designer Dina Konovalov, Product Designer

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