Spring is about renewal. As nature sprouts and blooms, the air fills with energy, and we are ready for change. It is time to freshen up and prepare for the coming warmth. Cleaning and organizing your house is an excellent way to kick off the new you, so here are some suggestions for doing it right.

Work in groups

Cleaning an entire house is quite a big chore for one person to handle. So why not let everyone help? When working together, cleaning can turn into a pleasant family hangout. Gather everyone, assign age-appropriate tasks, play music around the house, and schedule fun breaks together. Once the house is tidy, everyone feels proud of the outcome.

Don't neglect the outside

As the days get warmer, your front or back yard becomes a fantastic place to spend a relaxing afternoon or play with the kids. It may have been too cold or rainy to use these areas during the winter, but not anymore! Sweep the leaves off your lawn, get the outdoor furniture out of storage, and enjoy the gorgeous sunshine.

Think green

When taking care of your own home, keep the environment in mind. This year, challenge yourself to be as eco-friendly as possible. Use natural cleaning products, reduce your use of plastic bags, and donate unwanted old belongings to give them a second life. You'll feel great about yourself, and the earth will thank you.

Digitize your photos

Took out old photo albums when your family visited over the holidays? Before storing them away, disorganized as always, scan them with Photomyne and create digital albums. You no longer have to wait for the next holiday to look at the family photos together – share them whenever you're feeling a little nostalgic.

Give your fridge a break

Take a quick look at your fridge. If you're a parent, we bet you can't see it under all of your kids' artworks. While these wrinkly pieces of paper are sentimental to you, they make your entire kitchen area look messy. With FridgeArt, you can easily avoid the clutter as well as the heartbreak: scan your kids' art into a digital space and enjoy the best of both worlds!

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