To import photos into a new album in Photomyne, go to the main app screen and tap the Scan button.

To import photos to an existing album go to an album and tap Scan.

Both options above will take you to the camera screen. Once there, look for the Import button (Android) or the icon (iOs) to the left of the camera button. Tap it.

Next, you'll see your device's photo library or gallery album list. Choose the photo folder you would like to import photos from (it could be your Instagram, WhatsApp or any other photo folder). Select the photo(s) you would like to import.

When you're ready, tap the Import button on the bottom part of your screen.

Whichever photos you selected, the app will auto-crop and save them into your current album.

From this point on, those imported photos will become Photomyne photos. Once part of the Photomyne app, you can select which album to save them in, rearrange their order, and share them with friends and family.

A word on photo access: Please note that the Photomyne app will require access (or permission, if using an Android device) to your device’s photos folders in order to import photos into the app. For more information on the access and permissions required by the app on your device, visit this guide.


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This page was last updated in March 2023