Celebrating the life of your family, your friends, and yourself with the Photomyne family of apps has never been simpler thanks to LifeShow. With LifeShow, creating stunning slideshows filled with decades of memories is right at your fingertips.

It’s an easy-to-use app suitable for everyone regardless of your creative and technical prowess. If you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way towards making the perfect slideshow for any occasion.

Step 1: Choose your photos

What’s a slideshow without photos? Start off by finding and adding all of the relevant photos into your new project. You have two great options for adding images: 1) uploading digital photos off your phone and 2) scanning old analog (paper) photos directly into the app so photos from every era can find their way into your slideshow.

While not technically a photo, you can also add text slides for a more nuanced presentation. Text slides are a great way to add details and connect your photo together with a story -- almost like an old silent film!

Get started by adding photos to your slideshow. Get started by adding photos to your slideshow.

Step 2: Set-up your slideshow

Now that you have all the photos for your slideshow, it’s time to give it your personal touch. Add a title to bring it all together. It will automatically jump to the front of your slideshow (different from a text slide which you can move around). Not happy with the order of your photos after adding them to the project? You can reorder the photos until you're satisfied.

You also have the option to add music as the soundtrack. We’ve given you 4 options to choose from, but you can also add a song of your own from the Files folder on your phone. Please note, this feature is for more advanced users.

Any files you upload remain your property and you shall have sole responsibility and liability with regards to these files - to learn more please read out Terms of Use (section 4).

Add a title to tie everything together Add a title to tie everything together

Step 3: Customize your photos

Editing your photos comes in a handful of ways. Make small adjustments like cropping and rotating images to get them just right. For more of an artsy touch, add filters and colorize black and white photos until your photos really pop.

We mentioned text slides already, but they’re not the only way to add details. You can manually enter a short text description to each photo and add the year in which it was taken (see more below). Those details will be displayed at the bottom of the image while your slideshow plays. Further, by adding dates to significant events, you will create a timeline effect which scrolls through time throughout the production.

Additionally, you can record up to 60 seconds of audio for a specific slide, great for a personalized message or a quick memory. During your slideshow, it will automatically play when the slide appears.

Add the photo's year for a timeline effect during your final product. Add the photo's year for a timeline effect during your final product.

Step 4: Enjoy your creation

With the hard work behind you, now it’s time to play and share your slideshow. You can view your creation right from your phone by pressing play. If you prefer to project it onto a larger screen, try casting it to a smart tv for better viewing.

You can also save your presentations to your smartphone for easy sharing with your friends and family. Please note that it might take a few minutes to download your slideshow so please keep the app open until it’s complete.

While you can freely make and play slideshows within the app, the save function only comes with a subscription. A subscription is available with either a weekly or one-time payment.


Need help and/or have more questions? Contact our support team for further assistance.

This page was last updated in December 2020