You've put in the time to get those old photo slides or film negatives scanned, and colorize B&W images, so what's the next step? Make sure these digital images tell their full story while remaining safe and accessible indefinitely. Transfer them to the Photomyne app to enjoy additional features like adding details and arranging your photos in albums.

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How to transfer scanned images from SlideScan/FilmBox/Colorize to Photomyne?

(1) Tap the Share button at the bottom of the app's main screen.

(2) Select the photos you want to transfer to Photomyne.

(3) Once done selecting photos, look for the Photomyne butterfly icon, and tap it.

(4) Approve the process by tapping the Copy to Photomyne button.

That’s it! When the transfer is complete, you'll have the option to view that new album in the Photomyne app. The album will have the same name as the app you transferred photos from (ex. if you copied photos from SlideScan, you'll see a new SlideScan album in your Photomyne app).


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This page was last updated in June 2023