It can be a hassle to scroll through hundreds or even thousands of photos with the hope of locating a single image or a group of related images. The search function is the best way to find the photos you want quickly. Here’s how to best utilize it.

Add details to your photos

Before you can search for a photo, your photos must have some details attached for which you can search. If you know that you’ll want to search for specific photos in the future, it’s best to add details first. These details can include:

  • Album title
  • Photo descriptions
  • Dates
  • Locations
  • Names of people in photo
  • Favorites (for iOS)

The more specific your details are, the easier it will be to instantly find what you’re looking for.

Searching for photos

To find a specific photo or photos, tap Search or select photos at the top of your home screen. Type your search terms into the search bar to see all relevant photos below.

Please note that you will be able to search for photos and perform actions such as save and share, but not tap and view them from the search results list.

For more on adding details to photos, head to this page.


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This page was last updated in June 2021

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