As a Photomyne Member, your account is always accessible from any mobile device, or online on a computer. A Membership is encouraged so you can access your content on other devices. For instance, you can view and edit your scanned photos on a larger screen (like a tablet or computer) or access your photos in case something happens to your phone.

For more on a Membership and what it includes click here.

Log in on another phone or a tablet

Whether you just got a new phone or want to also see your account on an iPad, the first step to logging in to your account on another device is to download the app. Once downloaded, open it and then log in with the same signup/login method that you chose when you first created your account. This could mean either your Apple ID / Google account, or in some cases your email address or phone number.

Once logged in, you can access the app exactly as you could on your original device..

Forgot your password
If logging in with your email address but can't remember your password, you can still access your account. Once you've entered your email and tapped the red arrow to continue, select Log in without a password. We'll send you an email with a one-time password. Enter the 6-digit code when prompted to continue and view your account.

Log in on a computer

You can also log in to your account on your computer through the Photomyne website click here.

First, select “Photo scan / Photomyne” in the app field. Also, make sure to use the same signup/login method that you chose when you first created your account (Apple ID / Google, phone number, email). If you created your account online (not through the app), log in with your phone number or email.

You can also easily log in online by tapping the Share icon from the home screen and then tapping View photos on desktop. Then, you can send yourself an email with a link to your online account.

Also, you can tap Near your computer now? to open a QR scanner and scan a QR code from Photomyne's website. Scroll to the bottom of the site and click the QR icon to open the code. Scan it with your phone to open your online account.

Please note: All the changes you made to your albums and photos online will be synced with the Photomyne app on your mobile device. To avoid account sync issues, we recommend keeping the app closed on your mobile device before logging in online. In general, please avoid scanning or editing photos on more than one device at the same time. This means you should scan or edit photos on one device, save the changes and only then log in on another device.

Forgot your password
If you forgot your password when logging in online, you can select Forgot your password? to send yourself a one-time password. Just enter your email address and click the link in your inbox to enter your account. You can also send yourself a link from within the app.


Need help and/or have more questions? Contact our support team for further assistance.

This page was last updated in March 2023