Whether your device is low on storage space or you want to minimize the storage taken up on your device, we've got the thing for you.

One of the premium features included with a Membership is the device space-saving option.

What does space-saving mean, exactly?

As you scan photos and those are cropped and saved into albums, your phone or tablet uses its storage space to keep photos in the app. As the number of scans increases, so does your device's storage usage.

By activating Photomyne's space-saving process, the app essentially compresses the files size of each photo stored in the app, so it takes up less storage space on your device.

While the space-saving process is active in the app, your access to photos in their highest quality remains as it was before. So there's nothing to worry about.

How to activate the space-saving process in the app

The following instructions apply only to active Photomyne Members, as it is a premium, Members-only feature.

(1) On the main app screen, tap the 3 bar icon on the top-left corner.

(2) Tap Settings.

(3) Under Settings, tap the Free up space on this device setting item.

(4) Next, you'll see a pop-up window explaining about the space-saving process, and it will include a button to activate the process. Tap to activate it.

That’s it. The space-saving process is now active. It will be a seamless operation in the background and you don't need to do anything else.

**Please note: If you delete any photos from the app their backup copy will also be deleted.


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This page was last updated in June 2023