The final resolution of the photos you scan with the Photomyne app depends on two main factors:

(a) The number of photos you take in a single shot* (the distance of the phone camera from photos at the time of scanning).

(b) The camera quality (megapixel specs) of the device you are using* (usually newer devices offer better camera quality).

Tips for achieving optimal photo quality when using the app:

Absolute best resolution - print quality:

To achieve the best possible resolution, take a close shot of one photo at a time, making sure your device's camera is directly above the physical photograph. The resolution of the extracted photo will be approximately 8-9 Mega Pixels(best for print), depending on the mobile device used.

The best resolution The best resolution

High resolution (recommended):

This resolution level is great for most people, and offers a nice combination of good resolution coupled with time-efficient scanning. To achieve it, take the closest possible shot of 1-2 photos at a time. The resolution of the extracted photo will be approximately 3-4 Mega Pixels.

High resolution High resolution

Normal resolution (reasonable):

This resolution level may not be the highest, but it allows for the fastest scanning process — scanning 2-3 photos at a time. This option is great for quick scanning and viewing the photos on your phone or computer. The resolution of each extracted photo will be approximately 2-3 Mega Pixels.

Normal resolution Normal resolution

One last tip:

We highly recommend scanning in the optimal conditions (consult this guide before scanning) in order to achieve the best possible results.

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This page was last updated in August 2021